Where Can I Find the KMA Code of Practice?

Short Answer — it is listed on the homepage of and also Long Answer — the ADA Checklist as predicated by the Code of Practice is a high level “plain english” doc.  It includes all recommended “currently mandated” requirements but it also includes suggested requirements. Requirements that may and/or should become mandatory in the future. From… Read More »

Are There Any Upcoming or Anticipated Changes to ADA regarding Kiosks

Short Answer:  Yes Long Answer: In FY 2021, the US Access Board expects to publish rulemaking notices in the following two regulatory initiatives. It is important to note that during these periods, providing points and issues for consideration to the Access Board is easy and they take every one of them seriously. The more the better is the rule. Once… Read More »

What is a kiosk?

Short Answer — Terminal which allows customers or employees to get information and/or conduct a transaction, without the assistance of a person. Long Answer —  The original use of the word “kiosk” started as the town square notice board for the community to post notices in Turkey.  The usual reference in Wikipedia will call out Persia as the originating… Read More »