Is a Keyboard Required for ADA Compliance – Part 2

The following may be enough information to support the requirement for tactile controls: Most technical standards for accessible design such as Section 508, D.O.T. and ADA include a requirement for tactilely discernible input controls. Examples: Section 508: “Tactilely Discernible. Input controls shall be operable by touch and tactilely discernible without activation.” DOT:  “Input controls. At least one input… Read More »

Is a Keyboard Required for ADA compliance

The short answer is No. The longer answer is:  “most probably not, but it depends on the content being interacted with”. The requirement is that operable parts be discernable by touch without activation.  That requirement is problematic for touch screens, so kiosks typically need to provide alternative controls for users that are blind. Those alternative controls might be… Read More »