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Pictured above is ADA Committee Chairpersons in Washington D.C. meeting with U.S. Access Board David Capozzi.


The Kiosk Manufacturer Association or KMA is a global organization focused on best-in-class self-service technology for all customers and employees. We are focused on ADA, Accessibility, and EMV in the legislative arena. We monitor and are involved in Canadian and EU standards. Information on ATMs is another. Standards such as UL, ANSI, ABA (architectural), WCAG and VPAT are other examples. Over 30 sponsors representing the largest kiosk providers comprise the KMA. We are funded by those companies for the benefit of developers, resources, and client companies interested in self-service, kiosks, digital signage, thin client, internet terminals, and POS self-order systems. Management is based in Denver, CO, US. Visit our news site at

Management & History

The genesis of the kiosk association dates back to July 1994 and the Usenet “Big 8” newsgroup comp.infosystems.kiosks which began with Arthur of Los Alamos as moderator who retired and handed management over to Craig. We are approaching 30 years and we still have the initial kiosk report created by the Los Alamos Laboratory.

Trivia — Craig began his programming career doing Eden for ADP Hollander (auto parts lookup for salvage yards). The original CD app used IIS, Perl and Oracle stored procedures.  In the process, IIS would make a call to the CD via DOS API to give you an idea of the technology back then (1995).

Regulatory Focus

A large focus for the kiosk association is promoting regulatory compliance of all types. The largest segment is UL or Underwriters Laboratory and FCC/CE.  Kiosks incorporate many devices and higher quality kiosks will always utilize qualified components.

Accessibility in self-service isn’t just your check-in kiosk at the hotel.

  • It extends to employees for example at point-of-sale.
  • EV charging stations are another. We participate in ANSI workgroups and sponsor those working groups for example.
  • Architectural considerations and placements of self-service technology. These are the most often litigated situations.
  • Privacy considerations for personal and payment data.

Accessibility is a large focus (see committee below along with PCI compliance.

Accessibility & ADA Committee

Michael O’Hare

Michael O'Hare

Michael O’Hare

Mike has been designing, developing, and testing products for accessibility and usability for over twenty-five years.  He has experience in industrial design and user interface design. Mike has designed fully accessible solutions for airline, restaurant, and healthcare kiosks.Mike has presented to the United States Access Board and at the CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. Mike received his M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Human Computer Interaction from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his B.F.A. in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is the recipient of several patents.

Oscar RozoSenior Manager, Standards & Regulatory Compliance
LG Electronics USA, Inc. – LinkedIn Profile

LG Business Solutions Oscar Rozo

LG Business Solutions Oscar Rozo

A long-standing commitment to bettering people’s lives – regardless of their age, understanding of technology or any physical challenges they may face – serves as the foundation for LG’s consumer innovations. LG continues to work hard to maximize the usability of its advanced products and services, consulting with diverse users and leveraging its tech and design know-how to ensure that all of its solutions are as accessible as possible.

LG Electronics is spotlighting its continuing commitment to sustainability at CES® 2023, showcasing its ESG (environment-social-governance) vision and its latest impactful innovations in an exclusive exhibit dubbed the Better Life for All zone, which consists of three unique sections: For the Planet, For People and Our Commitment. For People, showcases LG’s efforts and achievements in product and service accessibility. These include the development of product manuals incorporating voice and sign language guides and the implementation of accessibility features – such as voice recognition, voice instruction, and motion-detecting sensors – in a wide range of products.

LG will continuously put our best efforts to develop new technologies, adding additional features and improving functionality to serve those with a wider range of abilities and disabilities.

Mary Jo Barry Dolphin

Mary Jo Barry Dolphin

DEI & A Champion
Evangelist for Assistive Technology on Self-service Kiosks & In the Workplace
Sr Business Development Manager

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming term as co-chair of the KMA Accessibility Committee. Accessibility is an important aspect of a kiosk integration and it’s good to have a pool of experts representing each facet of self-service at the table to discuss critical issues and lead change” said Mary Jo of Dolphin.

Past Chairpersons

Nicky Shaw – LinkedIn Profile Storm Interface North American Manager

Peter W Jarvis Chairperson — LinkedIn Profile
Editors Note:  Peter Jarvis was instrumental in the original formation and direction of the KMA Accessibility Group. He continues to provide input and direction as requested and has made an invaluable contribution to accessibility as a whole.  

Founding Chairperson and Past Co-Chair – Laura MillerThank you Laura!

Past Co-Chair — Randy Amundson – formerly the Technology Manager and Chief Accessibility Consultant for major kiosk and retail fixture company. Randy’s detailed knowledge of current regulations provided a unique overview and perspective for the KMA.

ADA Committee Composition

PCI EMV Committee

The KMA maintains a strong posture in the PCI SSC having participated as member

EV Charging Infrastructure

The KMA is a sponsor of the ANSI EV Workgroups and sits and contributes on three working groups. The draft for EV infrastructure by ANSI is expected to be released for public comment in March 2023.

Articles of Organization

Here are the current articles of organization as of Feb 2022

ADA 211111 Accessibility Committee Articles of Association-compressed

Industry Participation

Organizations we are members of and/or participate and work with.


Participants for the initial Current and Proposed Accessibility Guide include (in no particular order):

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