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Kiosk Association LogoWelcome to KMA. We are a global organization focused on documenting and improving self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and information technology (IT).   Providing a level playing field for self-service providers and the customers so that standards are considered as baseline.

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What we do

We are the people who make up the self-service industry who are interested in establishing and following common guidelines we all agree on for accessibility. We look to the U.S. Access Board and also the European standards group for our baseline.  We have generated Current Mandatory Requirements and also for going forward, our Code of Practice we recommend. Detailed guidelines are available for free to qualified parties (local, state and federal agencies for example).

How We Can Help You

Inform and Educate. Pretty simple. The KMA’s intent is to get detailed Accessibility information into local, city, state, corporate and federal agencies hands, for free, so that they can specify details of ADA compliance instead of the more typical one sentence “must be ADA compliant” which means 100 different things to 100 different people. We need a level playing field so that the relatively minor cost of providing full accessibility isn’t a detriment for bid proposals (extra cost).

Our Beginnings

The Kiosk Industry Group helped establish the Kiosk Association and KI acts as professional news and marketing for the kiosk and self-service industry.  Our association news website,, provides news and features on the self-service kiosk world be it McDonalds kiosks, Global Entry or the latest in interactive digital signage.  For a full history of the kiosk association visit

Participate in Kiosk Association KMA

  1. Working Groups – we have two working groups right now; ADA Accessibility and EMV.
    1. Participating in working groups is free and open to all
    2. We encourage all vested companies and agencies to participate for best context and input.
    3. We use Slack groups. It is free to participate.


We are happy to have a call, provide more in-depth details and/or answer any questions.

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