ADA – Whole Foods SCO Review

By | April 15, 2023

Amazon Whole Foods Self-Service

We shop at Whole Foods from time to time. Part of our Costco-WholeFoods equation.

Seemed like a good time to “check out” the SCO there and the return lockers.

Notes on the SCO

  • Modified unit from NCR (same as Walmart)
  • No cash (unlike Walmart)
  • We didn’t have a chance to test while in wheelchair and do the measurements.
  • They have an “Accessibility Mode” which you can select but other than bring up the diamond navigation there is no audio. Perhaps there is a headphone jack we missed.
  • The diamond nav does tab between interface options but there was no audio. There is an audio button and we made sure volume all the way up but nothing.
  • Additional Comments by TaylorPOS —
    • The measurements matter but reach and range (only) are what have been the very problems forever.   Those NCR’s POS readers are way out of use for wheelchairs and highly probable for a lot of little people.
    • It also does not comply with PCI-POI (“must be able to PIN shield using the body”.  As well as ADA 302.8 limited reach and strength and 508 (ICT) 302.2 aka: ADA Visual Accommodation.
    • Seriously, these mfg’s and businesses including IT dept are just clueless to accessibility being correctly provided.
    • The reasons for ADA 309 and 309.4 are in place for very good reasons.
  • Comments from accessibility expert
    • That NCR SCO is a really poor example of how to tackle accessibility isn’t it??! If I had a ‘rogues gallery’ of horribly designed SCOs, I’d be adding that to it. I saw KIS’s returns kiosk at the NRF Show and it looked really slick, I must start looking out for them. I haven’t been to a Whole Foods for a while, but maybe I’ll stop by one when I’m out and about at the weekend.
  • Comments from NCR
  • Comments from Whole Foods


Whole Food Self-Check Out SCO

Whole Food Self-Check Out SCO



The Drop Off Return Locker

  • Nice unit and it was very busy.
  • Returning multiple items took very few minutes.
  • Seemed like some customers tried to open locker before time
  • We watched multiple customers and given the “Pick you Satisfaction” level review at the end they all opted for Very Satisfied.
  • Eventually the locker ran out of space and took itself offline.
  • Definitely free’s up the customer service people to deal with other issues
  • See full post on Amazon Dropoff and Return Lockers
amazon drop off locker

click for full size – amazon drop off locker

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