Member Companies

The Kiosk Manufacturer Association KMA has several different types of members and sponsors.

Kiosk Manufacturer Association LogoThe primary members are those companies that produce the self-service products which are used in the industry. This can be hardware enclosures, kiosk sofware, self-service peripheral devices such as card reader, printers, touchscreens and bill acceptors. Also members include companies providing installation, logistics and deployment services, along with actual service and field repair.

Beginning in 2019 we are accepting membership in our Industry Advisory Board which allow actual deployers such as FAO Schwartz, NIKE, American Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, and other like companies to participate freely in our association, primarily the ADA and Accessibility Working Group.


  • Olea Kiosks – custom kiosks and standard kiosks
  • KioWare – kiosk lockdown & secure browser with monitoring
  • iPadKiosks – full range of tablet systems and enclosures
  • Pyramid – custom self-service solutions for QSR and more
  • KIOSK Information Systems – custom kiosks, standard kiosks, software, monitoring and managed services.
  • Frank Mayer & Associates – custom and standard kiosks for retail and more.
  • Nanonation – custom kiosk software & digital signage
  • TurnKey Kiosks – turnkey financial kiosk & outdoor kiosk solutions
  • 22 Miles – Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  • ZIVELO – self-service kiosks and digital signage
  • DynaTouch – kiosk software with remote monitoring
  • Qwick Media – software & enclosures. Digital signage
  • PROVISIO – kiosk software with remote monitoring
  • OptConnect – 3G/4G connectivity Digital Signage & Kiosks
  • ARCA – Kiosk software and hardware payment technology
  • Storm Interface – keyboards, input devices and accessibility devices for ADA
  • Peerless AV – large format indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks
  • CSA Self-Service Solutions – digital signage & interactive kiosks turnkey self-service solutions
  • Mimo Monitors – Small Format Touch Displays, touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets
  • otiKiosk — One-Stop-Shop Cashless payment acceptance and remote management solution for Kiosks


Premium Members