ADA FAQ Kiosks – Common Questions

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We work with the US Access Board and other regulatory bodies to arrive at our answers to common ADA questions

We get questions on ADA for Kiosks and our ADA FAQ is intended to provide those questions and answers. If you have any further questions you can contact KMA at [email protected]

As a reminder, strictly speaking, 508 only applies to kiosks in the federal space.  Of course, it is a good set of ICT accessibility requirements.

The ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) covers ATMs and Fare vending machines, but not kiosks more generally.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) covers kiosks at airports.

Common ADA Kiosk Questions


Are kiosks required to provide permanently plugged-in headphones, not just the earbud jack?

No. No accessibility standards require attached headphones.  Attached headphones sound likes a very bad idea for unattended equipment, as they would be a risk for vandalism and hard to keep sanitary.  Headphones are sometimes used in museum style environments.


402 Closed Functionality

402.1 General. ICT with closed functionality shall be operable without requiring the user to attach or install assistive technology other than personal headsets or other audio couplers, and shall conform to 402.

402.3.1 Private Listening. Where ICT provides private listening, it shall provide a mode of operation for controlling the volume. Where ICT delivers output by an audio transducer typically held up to the ear, a means for effective magnetic wireless coupling to hearing technologies shall be provided.


Do operable parts like a credit card reader need to be detachable to improve accessibility?

No. As long the operable parts (touchscreen, card reader, etc) are within reach requirements then you are fine. Reference 407.8 of Final Rule  January 2017