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Regulatory agencies have a profound effect on the business of self-service. The kiosk manufacturer association (KMA) monitors kiosk and self-service ADA, Accessibility and the development & implementation of regulatory bodies and, where possible, we participate in the regulatory process by educating and informing agencies regarding our members & businesses.

Recommended ADA Resources

Vispero – The Paciello Group (part of Vispero): The Paciello Group (TPG) is a world-class accessibility consultancy with a reputation for excellence. TPG helps clients achieve end-to-end accessibility for both software and hardware, including accessibility reviews and VPATs.
A primary source of ADA devices for accessibility is Storm Interface. They also make rugged keyboards and other input devices.
Tech For All Consulting –  Making Technology Accessible for Everyone. Experts in evaluation and universal design. Specialists in ADA and Accessibility.
MimoMonitors – along with all types of touchscreens, Mimo also offers a haptic touchscreen for accessibility

ADA – Whole Foods SCO Review

Amazon Whole Foods Self-Service We shop at Whole Foods from time to time. Part of our Costco-WholeFoods equation. Seemed like a good time to “check out” the SCO there and the return lockers. Notes on the SCO Modified unit from NCR (same as Walmart) No cash (unlike Walmart) We didn’t have a chance to test while in wheelchair… Read More »

ADA Kiosks – Eve Hill Senate Testimony on Federal Technology & Title III

How To Improve Accessibility – Testimony by Eve Hill July 2022 Testimony of Eve Hill during Senate Hearing. She calls out the Social Security Administration intake kiosks, calls for enforcement tools among other things and ending the immunity of the federal government for its wide-ranging violations. Interesting point raised “if Access Board is given enforcement authority”. Many thanks… Read More »