What Are the Braille Requirements for Kiosks?

Does a Kiosk need Braille? Short answer is Yes.  Typically a label or sticker near the main input device. Long answer –– Yes again but you really need to look at the use case. Telling someone a hamburger is $2.00 is different than completing a multi-form application.  The Kiosk Association recommends a short succinct Braille instruction label in… Read More »

Is Braille Required For POS checkouts?

Should I Include Braille? Yes, short braille instructions (for initiating the speech mode) are needed.  Most modern ATMs do a good job with this, so look for that braille the next time you use one. That said, a PIN pad (as a stand-alone device) probably does not physically have space for even a sentence of braille.  In that… Read More »