Assistive Technology – AudioNav and US Access Board Webinar

By | August 24, 2021

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audionav assistive technology

audionav assistive technology

A recent US Access Board panel discussion regarding self-service transaction machines featured various speakers from advocacy organizations and the self-service kiosk industry. Among the speakers was NCR’s Phil Day who discussed the evolution of the uNav/AudioNav device. This was a product developed in a close and productive collaboration between NCR and Storm Interface.

Referred to as uNav by the team at NCR, Storm agreed to further develop and market the product as AudioNav in reference to its core function of ‘system navigation by means of audio prompts’.

Since its launch in 2015, AudioNav has become an important part of Storm’s Assistive Technology Products range.  Intuitive and easy to use and with several product formats now available, the simplicity of the AudioNav device appeals to both system designers and system users. Originally designed for use in travel kiosks and self-checkout lanes, it is now widely regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ for accessible self-service kiosks in many public use applications.

Phil credited the team at Storm Interface for engineering an ADA compliant device that would withstand hard use and abuse in a wide range of unattended public environments. In 2019 Storm were proud to announce that the Storm AudioNav version (featuring a more widely compatible USB system interface) had been awarded the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Tried and Tested accreditation. Since 2015, AudioNav keypads have evolved under a continuous development program to meet current mandates and emerging best practices.

Storm Interface are widely regarded as the industry leading designer and manufacturer of assistive technology products for the self-service sector. Designated as the Storm ATP range, these products have been successfully deployed in kiosks and interactive terminals across many market segments and global territories.

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For more than 35 years Storm Interface have designed and manufactured secure, rugged and reliable keypads, keyboards and interface devices. Storm products are built to withstand rough use and abuse in unattended public-use and industrial applications. Storm Assistive Technology Products are recognized by the Royal National Institute for Blind People under their ‘RNIB Tried and Tested’ program.