Does WCAG apply to or specified for kiosks?

By | November 11, 2019

Short Answer – No, it is not applied to kiosks.

Long answer – WCAG applicability to hardware is problematic. It may be that EN 301 549 has WCAG applicability for kiosks. The U.S. Access Board apply WCAG to non-web documents and non-web software, but only when the software is running on platforms that are not “closed”.  Kiosks, of course, typically are closed, and so (from a 508 perspective), the WCAG 2.0 SC are never applied.  The reach range stuff and the section 402 Closed Functionality are the bulk of the requirements.  Many of the areas that WCAG 2.1 addresses are also addressed in ADA and Section 508 so in a virtual sense there is some applicability.