What Are the Braille Requirements for Kiosks?

Does a Kiosk need Braille? Short answer is Yes.  Typically a label or sticker near the main input device. Long answer –– Yes again but you really need to look at the use case. Telling someone a hamburger is $2.00 is different than completing a multi-form application.  The Kiosk Association recommends a short succinct Braille instruction label in… Read More »

Is Braille Required For POS checkouts?

Should I Include Braille? Yes, short braille instructions (for initiating the speech mode) are needed.  Most modern ATMs do a good job with this, so look for that braille the next time you use one. That said, a PIN pad (as a stand-alone device) probably does not physically have space for even a sentence of braille.  In that… Read More »

Does WCAG apply to or specified for kiosks?

Short Answer – No, it is not applied to kiosks. Long answer – WCAG applicability to hardware is problematic. It may be that EN 301 549 has WCAG applicability for kiosks. The U.S. Access Board apply WCAG to non-web documents and non-web software, but only when the software is running on platforms that are not “closed”.  Kiosks, of… Read More »

Doesn’t accessibility under Section 508 only apply to federal agencies?

Short Answer – Correct. Long answer – ADA does not have requirements for web content or other IT, except for ATMs and fare vending machines.  That said, the courts have pretty consistently ruled that web sites are covered under ADA as part of the general requirements for non-discrimination and “effective communication”.  Since ADA does not have specific metrics… Read More »