Do I need to include a ScreenReader?

Short Answer:  No Long Answer:  You must include audio — from 508 requirements — “ICT with a display screen shall be speech-output enabled for full and independent use by individuals with vision impairments.” There are a number of methods for providing speech output. One method is by screenreader, but there are others. Plain English example:  If someone asks… Read More »

Are kiosks required to provide permanently plugged-in headphones?

No. No accessibility standards require attached headphones.  Attached headphones sound likes a very bad idea for unattended equipment, as they would be a risk for vandalism and hard to keep sanitary.  Headphones are sometimes used in museum style environments. Ref: 402 Closed Functionality 402.1 General. ICT with closed functionality shall be operable without requiring the user to attach or… Read More »