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Welcome to Kiosk Manufacturers Association

Welcome to the Kiosk Manufacturers Association.

We are managed by the Kiosk Industry Group Association.

Here is one of our members giving a walk thru on a kiosk. In this case it is Frank Olea of Olea Kiosks.


Okay this is the metropolis kiosk

So what you’re looking at here we will start from the bottom this is where the paper comes out this are eight and a half inch white printer slot this is a trackball device that’s used for ADA compliance this allows us to meet the new 2012 ADA compliance guidelines so somebody in a wheelchair can use the kiosk.

We have the Topaz signature pad here on the shelf.

This is a upgrade panel this customer didn’t want the PIN pad in their kiosk so we put this blank panel here they can take this off later and put the PIN pad inside and upgrade their machine.

19 inch touchscreen monitor, card swipe credit card swipe, speakers we’ve got dual amplified speaker system on the kiosk and take you around the back side of the unit.

We do have the option up here with this panel right here actually where we can put Wi-Fi in the machine so you have Wi-Fi option.

This bubble-shaped door here you open this up and that’s where you change the paper and then down below this box down here you open that up and that’s where the pc power & network come out of the back of the unit.

There it’s got all the cooling louvers the cooling fan and that’s about it or the kiosk as you can see details really well built good quality machine so thousands of these a year.

We hope you like it.

Thank you