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EV Charging Failing The Disabled

EV Charging and ADA Nice article from TechieExpert Apr 2022 “If I were on my own, I’d be crying right now. It was just too hard to plug the charger in.” It is a quote from a recently concluded RIDC research participant on disabled electric vehicle users. Electric vehicle technology has been a major boon for disabled people… Read More »

EV Charging ADA Considerations – a Kiosk Perspective

EV Charging ADA KIosk Considerations From the KMA.Global FAQ October 2021 Short Answer —  Yes Long Answer — Technically all of the regulations mandated today apply to any form of unattended self-service. In the case of some there may not be a touchscreen per se but interaction with the terminal whether via mobile or transponder still shares those regulations. Accessing a large… Read More »