What About A Receipt Printer?

By | April 5, 2021

Q: What are the regulatory requirements for printers?

A: As far as ensuring print output is provided, there are no requirements in the U.S. Outside the US, EMV regulations do require providing the option for printed output.  US vendors do the same as a rule but usually only when there has been a payment transaction.

The most common print output in the US is printing your Order Number or QR code.

Generally speaking – yes, there are regulations that come into play for thermal kiosk printers (or laser/inkjet printers).

  • In the UK and Europe — the EMV regulations require a printed receipt. It has since been amended to “offering a printed option.”  Text msgs and emails now use a “virtual printer” to manage that.
  • In the US there are no legal requirements as far as point-of-sale goes.
  • In the US — if there is cardholder data printed, then PCI SSC says you must mask numbers.
  • In the US — the HIPAA regulations come into play when patient information is printed.  Those printers universally come with an auto-retract should the patient/etc. fail to take their print.