WCAG 2.2 Working Draft May 2021 For Review and Comment

By | May 13, 2021
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WCAG 2.2 Working Draft May 2021

The next working draft of WCAG 2.2 is out for a final wide review. The draft includes 9 new success criteria since WCAG 2.1. Please send comments by 11 June 2021.

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5.1 New Features in WCAG 2.2

WCAG 2.2 extends WCAG 2.1 by adding new success criteria, definitions to support them, and guidelines to organize the additions. This additive approach helps to make it clear that sites that conform to WCAG 2.2 also conform to WCAG 2.1. The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group recommends that sites adopt WCAG 2.2 as their new conformance target, even if formal obligations mention previous versions, to provide improved accessibility and to anticipate future policy changes.

The following Success Criteria are new in WCAG 2.2:

The new success criteria may reference new terms that have also been added to the glossary and form part of the normative requirements of the success criteria.

In addition to the above new Success Criteria, Focus Visible has been promoted from Level AA to Level A.

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